Andrew Kraus

Founder, CEO

Tapping into the imagination of myself and those around me has been the core principle driving my passion and business forward. I enjoy converting imagination into something everyone can see, feel and connect to. At a young age, I started creating videos that portrayed my vision. My professional career naturally developed from my passion for video creation.


I’m originally from San Diego and moved to South Bay Los Angeles in 2015. I love living by the water and consider Redondo Beach my home. I started my career by surrounding myself with a new community, who are very supportive and helped connect me to several local business owners. I began creating videos for a few small businesses, which organically and through word of mouth, grew into me managing digital content for prominent brands all over Los Angeles. I also freelanced as a camera operator and drone pilot on network TV shows and national commercials. Now I run a full service marketing and creative agency, with an extremely talented team supporting my vision.


My main goal is to help entrepreneurs and business owners like myself bring their vision to life, or a screen. I really love telling the stories of the incredible thinkers, creators and innovators of this world. It’s much more productive and enjoyable to learn, grow and create when I combine my ideas with those of the people I surround myself with.

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Andrea Tan

Creative Director

I’m passionate about creating something beautiful whether its an experience, physical item or digital content. I knew I had always wanted to be a creative director but went to work in organizational development for eight years before I decided to go to design school.

I moved to LA to attend Otis College of Art and Design and chose Venice because its such a great eclectic artistic community.

I worked as a creative director and experiential event producer designing and creating branded events. I helped develop brands such as Patron, Godiva Chocolate, Sky Vodka and many more.

I am driven by the want to spread beauty and joy to people through something that is consciously made with quality. I don’t believe in luck. I believe that hard work, persistence, authenticity and always doing your best are the factors of success.

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