First, our team conducts a thorough analysis of your business to figure out what elements of your marketing strategy we can improve. We also need to learn who your customers are and what triggers them to engage with your business, so we can develop and grow your business in the right direction.

Business Meeting


After our research, we will create a marketing plan that includes brand development. Your brand identity must encapsulates your story, knowledge, mission and accomplishments. Refine the image your audience will digest.


Does your community know you exist?

Being present in your local community is an important first step in growing your audience. Start local and expand outwards. We can help you gain support from your community with our successfully tested experiential and digital marketing techniques.

At the Coffee Shop
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Consistent awareness. Every publicly visible surface of your business needs to be constantly developed, maintained and polished. Social media content, website, blog posts, printed collateral, SEO, store-front, community events etc. All of these shiny surfaces portray your brand and keeps your audience engaged with your business.


Connecting with your potential and existing customers can create a relationship that will last a lifetime. Experiential events and digital content can be used as tools to start a conversation. Being engaged in these conversations will develop trust between you and your customers.

Working from Home


Meet the Slick Haus team to see if we are a perfect fit. We would love to become an essential part of your team and build a long lasting relationship.